10 Sudoku fun facts

Nov 2022

10 Sudoku fun Facts

Most of us know the rules of Sudoku, and how to baiscally solve it.
Less people have learnt advanced techniques and spent countless hours studying and practicing sudokus.
But almost no one knows these 10 Sudoku fun facts!

Read on, they're super fun!

Fact 1. Sudoku Highest Difficulty

The highest level of Sudoku puzzles is called "diabolical." These puzzles are extremely difficult and are often reserved for experienced solvers. Some diabolical Sudoku puzzles have only one solution, while others may have multiple solutions but require advanced techniques to solve.

diabolical sudoku

Fact 2. Sudoku Is Not The Original Name

Sudoku was formerly called "Number Place." It was created by an American architect named Howard Garns in the 1970s and was published in a magazine called Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games. It was later introduced to Japan by a puzzle publisher named Maki Kaji, who called it "Sudoku," a combination of the Japanese words "su," meaning "number," and "doku," meaning "single."

Fact 3. Sudoku Has Game Variations

There are a number of different variations of Sudoku, including "Jigsaw Sudoku," "Samurai Sudoku," and "Killer Sudoku." These variations often have different rules or constraints, such as overlapping regions or additional numbers that must be placed on the grid.

jigsaw sudoku

Fact 4. The Largest Sudoku Puzzle

The largest Sudoku puzzle ever created had a grid size of 9,999 x 9,999. It was created by a team of researchers at the University of Liverpool and took over 100 hours to solve using a computer.

Fact 5. Sudok Can Help Teach Math

Sudoku has been used in a number of educational settings as a way to teach math and logic kills to students. It has also been shown to have a number of cognitive benefits, including improving memory and problem-solving skills.

Fact 6. Sudoku World Championship

In 2006, the World Sudoku Championship was held in Lucca, Italy, with competitors from over 40 countries. The winner of the championship was a Japanese man named Junichi Tanaka, who also set the world record for the fastest time to solve a Sudoku puzzle, at just 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

Fact 7. Sudoku Museum

There is a Sudoku museum in Japan called the "Sudoku Kaikan," which is dedicated to the history and culture of Sudoku. It features a variety of Sudoku-related exhibits, including puzzles, books, and other merchandise.

Fact 8. World's Hardest Sudoku

In 2010, a Sudoku puzzle created by Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the "world's hardest Sudoku puzzle". It took a team of five people over a month to solve the puzzle, which had a unique solution.
While it's not the hardest sudoku ever created, test your skills with our hard sudoku.

hardest sudoku ever created

Fact 9. Sudoku Amusement Park

There is a Sudoku-themed amusement park in Japan called the "Sudokuland," which features a variety of Sudoku-themed attractions, such as a Sudoku-themed roller coaster and a Sudoku-themed maze.

Fact 10. Sudoku Can Cause Eye Cancer?

In 2011, a study conducted by the University of Cambridge found that people who regularly solved Sudoku puzzles had a higher risk of developing a rare form of eye cancer called "uveal melanoma." However, the study also noted that the risk of developing the cancer was still very low and that the benefits of solving Sudoku puzzles likely outweighed any potential risks.

To Conclude..

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game with a rich history and a global following. From its origins as "Number Place" to its current status as a beloved pastime, Sudoku has remained a popular and enduring puzzle game enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

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