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What is easy sudoku?

Easy sudoku is suitable for players who are already familiar with the rules of the game, played a few games at the lowest level and feel comfortable advancing to a more challenging level. At the same time, it does not require special training or familiarity with advanced techniques.

The amount of empty cells in easy sudoku is 29, a significant increase of 11 more empty cells compared to the beginners level, and there is defenitly more challenging for the average player.
If you still feel like a quick sudoku rules refresher can help, there is a video just for you in the bottom of the page with all you need to know to start solving sudoku now!

Using sudoku notes

It is recommended to start getting used to using the "notes" function. It gives you the abilty to make note of the candidate digits for each empty cells.
Getting used to playing with the Notes feature will prove as a valuable habbit and a strong foundation to allow you to advance and excell as you move up to harder game levels.
To quickly toggle the Notes feature on or off, use the 'N' key in your keyboard.

Recommended time for solution?

Easy sudoku can be usually take between 5-8 minutes to solve.

Good Luck!

Short video explaining the rules of the game

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Enjoy your game :)