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How to play sudoku?

New to sudoku? read our full How to play sudoku from basic to advanced guide.

Sudoku is a very easy game to play!
The 81 squares box is divided into 9 smaller, 3x3, squares.
Your goal is to fill each 3x3 Sudoku square with the digits 1-9 in a way
that doesn't break any of the following rules:

  1. Each digit (1-9) can appear only once in each 3x3 square.
  2. Each digit can appear only once in every 9 squares row.
  3. Each digit can appear only once in every 9 squares column.

Go ahead, play Sudoku now, and test your skills!

How to solve sudoku?

Just need a quick recap? ready below:

1. Focus on a single digit

A Sudoku board can seem very confusing at first, and its not always easy to figure out where to begin.
The best thing you can do to get started, is to start solving for each of the numbers one by one,
starting guessed it No. 8

see if you can find the missing 8?

Concentrate on a single sudoku digit

You'd be surprised at how easy it will be to start filling the Sudoku board once you ignore all of the distractions and focus on a single digit each time!

2. Focus on a single 3x3 square

The Sudoku board has 9 3x3 squares (check the section for a clearer explanation)
See if you can find a 3x3 square that has only 1 or 2 empty cells, it should be fairly easy
to find the missing digits in most cases!

Concentrate on a single sudoku 3x3 square

3. Focus on an entire row or column

When you finally realize that each Sudoku row and each column should also contains the numbers 1 to 9,
You'll soon find plenty of opportunities to fill in a missing number or two in a given row or column.
You'r game will advanced much faster, and soon ennough you'll be moving to more challenging levels.

focus on a Sudoku row or column

Its great to have you here!

Enjoy your game :)